Central Tattoo Supplies Ltd are approved UK and International Distributors of Fusion Ink, Eternal Inks, Killer Silver, Ron Meyers Inks, Stencil Stuff, Kev Shercliff Coil and Recoil Machines, Tattoo Healing Cream (THC), Unigloves and Spaulding & Rogers Enterprises, Studio Safe by Viroklenz, Effortless Inc.

We look forward to being able to assist you with the everyday necessities and requirements of your Studio.

We are the Official Distributors for Fusion Inks and Ron Meyer Inks within UK and Europe - please make any Wholesale enquiries via email with regards Terms and Business Policy.

Sponsorship - we are being frequently asked if we offer Sponsorship to Artists - our view is that there are many very talented Artists within the Trade (a lot of whom we have known for many years) and we simply feel that it is not our right to choose one Artist over another. Check out our prices - they are already competitive and reasonable.

  • Gloves


  • Fusion Inks

    Fusion Inks

  • Killer Silver

    Killer Silver

    The ultimate grey-wash Ink Set, created for Tattoo Artists of all styles.

  • Silverback Inks

    Silverback Inks

  • Eternal Inks

    Eternal Inks

  • RinseCup Clean Up

    RinseCup Clean Up

    RinseCup Clean Up is the safest, fastest and least expensive method of disposing of the rinse cup in the professional field of tattooing.

  • Stencil Stuff

    Stencil Stuff